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It's GIulio Mosca

Motion and Graphic Designer from Italy

About me

A small introduction about myself

Giulio Mosca

Motion and Graphic Designer from Italy

Hello, My name is Giulio Mosca,
I Live in Italy, I am a freelance Graphic Gdesigner focused on Motion Graphic.
In 2010 I won a scolarship for the European Institute Of Design (IED) and I'll graduate this July in Graphic Design.
I am a freelance and I work for many agency in Italy with some collaboration abroad. I also work with video, I am a good editor and I do post-production.

I really love my job. I work and study so hard but when you do something you really like it's easier!
If you have any question feel free to ask!

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Technical Skills

Software and personal skills

After effects

AE is the engine for my project. I use this program daily. I love it and I'll always do! id


As a graphic designer, Adobe Illustrator is my bread and butter!


Along with After Effects and Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop is my top software


I really like to edit. I work as editor too. I usually use Premiere Pro.


Well, I am not a Web Designer! Despite this i know the basic HTML & CSS. With this i mean that i can customize an build static website but that's not my job. I use this skill to work side by side with programmers!

Graphic D.

as a graduate Graphic Designer, I can do all that stuff such as Branding, Logo Design etc. I love animation but i can create also static stuff!

Work Experience

My previous associations


Blackboard Berlin

Freelance Motion Designer

I worked for this cool company based in Berlin. My job was to create animation for a short film about football.


Take Off Strategies

Freelance Motion Designer and Editor

For this company I worked as an editor. I also created some animation. The project was a documentary.


+39 Design Menagement

Freelance Graphic Designer

I designed the 15th years portfolio Book for this interior designers' studio.



Freelance Motion Designer

I worked on a motion graphic project under the great direction of Vladimir Soto.



Freelance Motion Designer

For this company i created a super cool motion graphic. One of my favourite!

Education & Diplomas

What I have done in my academic career


Master Degree of Graphic Design

IED Torino (European Institute of Design)

This is a great University. One of the best in Europe. I learned a lot with this experience.


High School Diploma of Graphic Design and ADV

Graphic design and Advertising school

This was my first approach with Graphic Design. I learned a lot.


I prefer to link you to my Behance profile.
Here you can see some preview, Just click on the link icon to see the entire project!

Get In Touch

Please feel free if you would like to have a chat.

Contact details

I live in Turin, Italy

+39 3495926654

my e-mail

my website (this one)

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